intro to

Afore Alpha is THE best-in-class Pre-seed offer available to any founder, anywhere in the world, no matter how early they are.


Afore will invest $1M on a
$10M post money SAFE

This program is best suited for companies that
are just starting


When we say Pre-seed,
we actually mean it.

No company is too early. We are not looking
for traction or revenue in order to invest.


Afore Alpha is
not an accelerator,

nor a mentorship program, and neither is it a side-
hustle. Investing in startups through Afore Alpha
is bread and butter for us.


We don’t have MFNs

transparent Clean standard terms.
what you see is what you get.


Your company will be
in a cohort of 1!

If we become partners, we will focus singularly on
your success. We plan to dedicate ourselves and
our GTM resources to get you to product-market
fit as quickly as possible.


We will respond
within a week

with either an invitation to an initial meeting or a
decision to pass.



Who should apply?

Anyone from high school dropouts to veteran operators! No startup is too early for us; we want to be your partner from Day 0 in order to help you build a successful business. You may have already started building and generated some traction, or your company may still be an idea; it doesn’t need to be incorporated.

Note that you are welcome to  apply more than once if your initial application was unsuccessful. Your company may be in any industry or located anywhere in the world. You’ll never need a referral to get our eyes in front of your business plan.

Is this an accelerator?

No! All of the companies we invest in receive access to 1:1 dedicated support  from the Afore team. We do not operate cohorts or batches as you might encounter in a typical accelerator.

How many companies are selected?

We expect to invest in 10-15 companies a year through Afore Alpha. We focus all our resources, time and effort to each companies success so that you can raise an insane series A after Afore. We are thoughtful and deliberate about crafting a specific plan for each company.

Can you elaborate on the terms of your investment?

It's pretty straightforward. We will invest $1M on a $10M post-money SAFE with no discount. And it doesn't matter where in the world the company or founders are based.

How do we choose the companies to fund?

We are not looking for traction or revenue or large initial markets.

We are looking for clarity of thought on both why the product is unique and compelling and how you will get to traction. We want to know how deeply you have thought about what you are building and why. Paint as clear a picture as you can about your market entry tactic and the first few months after starting.

What’s the timeline for getting back on the application?

After we have the chance to review your application (typically within 1 week after submission), we will follow up if there is interest from the Afore team or a decision to pass.

We move quickly with diligence; our process typically involves several conversations with founders.

Do you offer individual application feedback?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee individualized feedback for every single applicant, but you can expect to hear back from us with a decision either way.

What if $1M is too much or not enough for my company?

In your application, let us know what the right amount is for your business and we are happy to discuss altering our check size if there’s mutual interest.

What is Afore’s process post-application?

We will review the application and invite founders to a follow-up meeting. In those meetings, we will talk through the details of the application and share more about what it's like to work with Afore.

What are you looking for in a company?

We’re looking for exceptionally talented founding teams with the technical + operational chops needed to build a business. We are also trying to see if we can help directly change trajectory for the company.

How do I stand out?

Show us why you’re best suited to tackle the problem that your company is solving! We’re looking for entrepreneurs with strong track records of achievement and determination.

My company has some traction, am I too late for Afore Alpha?

Not necessarily! We’re primarily looking for companies that are raising their first formal round of financing from an institutional investor. We expect that some companies at this stage will still be in the ideation phase; others may be generating revenue from a small set of initial customers.